Sunday, March 27, 2016

Unicorn Hat - FREE Crochet Pattern!

My daughter asked me if I could make her a unicorn hat... and I can't say no to my sweet little girl when it comes to crochet projects!!  But I thought about attaching a mane of hair and didn't want to attach tons of threads of yarn to a hat (although I'm sure it would be awesome).  Then I remembered when I was young, I made Yarnables (link here, although I don't like that someone posted the patterns free, you can see pics of them all) - my Dad worked at the company that makes Bernat yarn and brought home these kits and I loved making them!  So I incorporated hair from the Curly Yarnable, simply doing dc and it will hold the curl.  Improvised some details and VOILA!  A hat!  Free pattern is below!

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Bean Bag Owl - FREE Crochet Pattern!

I just love owls.  Who doesn't?  I designed this little amigurumi beanie Owl for my son's nursery.  I decided to stuff it with bean bag beans (details below), but it could be stuffed with regular batting or any other stuffing you want!  I've put quite detailed assembly instructions below, as I find that the proper assembly is really what makes an amigurumi critter look great!

Pattern has been updated to include a video with full assembly instructions.  Even a beginner-level crocheter could make this project in a few hours!

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Double-sided pillow pattern - FREE!

I wanted to have a pillow with a bit more texture than what I see in the stores.  I found this great, soft, super bulky yarn to try out, but when I worked up one side of a pillow, it used up 95% of the yarn.  And this yarn wasn't cheap!  So I decided to make a double-sided pillow using a worsted yarn on the opposite side.  I love the result, so I decided to share the patterns!  I used a standard Ikea pillow to stuff it and then sewed it shut, but more ambitious folks could install a zipper or Velcro.