Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Hermit Crab with Removable Shells - FREE Crochet Pattern!

My sister gave my daughter some sea shells from a trip to Cuba, and she just loved them.  We had recently seen an episode of a kid's show that had hermit crabs, so we looked online to see hermit crabs and found a few pictures of hermit crabs wearing shells just like hers!  So I thought I'd make her a crocheted crab for her, finding some way to make the shells removable.  And here is the result, please enjoy this pattern, including a couple of shell possibilities.  I would LOVE to have comments and pictures of other shells people create, the possibilities are endless!!

Monday, April 04, 2016

Twisted and Chain Cable Headbands - FREE Knit Patterns!

Much to our dismay, we've been hit with yet another bout of snow in Southwestern Ontario.  Spring sure does take its time!  Although I'd rather be out in the garden, it gave me a bit of cozy time to knit up a couple headbands before the snow is gone for good!  Here are a couple of them I've whipped up, including patterns.  My instructions for both are in this blog!

Friday, April 01, 2016

Aladdin-Inspired Stuffie - FREE Crochet Pattern!

So I set out to make a stuffed critter for my daughter.  I wanted it to be kind of monster-like, like Patchy-Patch from Toopy and Binoo (a Canadian Kids TV show).  But once I started making it, I thought a little vest would be cute, and then a little cap, and then he really started to look like an Arabian Nights / Aladdin-type guy so I gave him some pointy shoes and VOILA!  I hope you enjoy making this critter... you could really dress him up however you want!  A scarf, a top hat... whatever your heart desires.