Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Earflap Hat Obsession!

I only taught myself to knit a couple years ago when my cousin wanted a custom infinity scarf.  Since I've crochet for so long, I figured it would be easy to pick up... and it was... for the most part!  There are lots of beautiful techniques and details that have taken a while to get used to.  I love knitting more than crocheting, even though it's slower and takes a lot more of my concentration.  It's so calming somehow!

My favourite new item to knit is definitely pom pom hats!  I use a Clover pom-pom maker for my hats to make them as full as possible.  I also finally did my first I-cord with the double rib hat, it's fun and easy to do, and makes a great alternative to a braid for the ties of the hat.

For the pink hat I improvised the striping and I love how it softens the hat!  The grey hat is cool because it looks like cables (twists) but it's actually quite simple to do and gives a lot of stretch and texture.

Pattern: Double Rib Toddler Hat by Torunn Espe

Pattern: Earflap Hat by Jane Richmond