Sunday, December 13, 2015

Mermaid and Shark Blankets

It seems like blankets with tails are the new hot item this winter!  I've made several and have outstanding custom orders for more!  The mermaid blankets are soft, cozy and beautiful and there are endless possibilities with colours.  Each blanket takes me 10-12 hours to make (these are medium sized).  They're cool because they open up like a normal blanket at the top, and it creates as little pouch for your feet to snuggle into at the bottom by the tail.  That way it's easy to get in and out of them!

Pattern credit: Mermaid Tail Afghan by Nadia Fuad (it actually has a pretty great youtube video of instructions as well), I didn't follow it exactly but used it as a guideline.  If anyone is doing this pattern I recommend using 3 colours and carrying the yarn up the sides, it saves a LOT of sewing of loose ends after completing the body of the blanket!

The pictures aren't the greatest, my 'model' wasn't cooperative and the blankets are size M, made for ~10 year olds and she's only 3!

The Shark Blankets I improvised based on a picture sent to me from a friend.  I actually used the same tail from the mermaid blanket pattern above and did the fins, eyes and teeth free form.  I was happy to figure out how to make a string of triangles together and then sc'ed them into place with the red.  The whole shark base is just loose dc stitches.  These take me around 10 hours.